Nikky: Resistance Is Futile

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Nikky Dream: Resistance Is Futile Here’s the first of our last two remaining shoots from the Prague trip we did last October and it’s no less a corker than the others. It stars the thoroughly juicilicious Nikky Dream playing our make-up artist and talent recruiter. Problem is her girls aren’t turning up for our shoots. Yesterday was a wash-out and today’s no better. The good Doctor P suggests Nikky solve the problem by becoming a PascalsSubSlut herself, an idea which she takes rather a dim view of. Initially. We eventually agree a compromise whereby we just shoot a spanking scene with her but then of course things get a bit frisky and before she knows it the fruity Czech wench has got her tits and cunt out and Pascal’s being rather beastly to her with his ding-a-ling. It’s all jolly entertaining, with Nikky cumming and squirting as she bobs up and down on him in her first position, and then going batshit-crazy when we get the wand out and make her use it on her clit while P fucks her in mish. She cums about three times in a row, each time more convulsive and louder than before. Here are the gory details: - Anal, vaginal fucking - Physical, verbal domination - Deepthroat, face-fucking - Face-slapping - Choking - Spanking - Masturbation - Toy - Cumshot (CIM, swallow) Next week we’ll be finishing up the Prague trip with the beautiful Elena

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